Prof Saul Dubow (Queen Mary, UL) & Prof Bill Schwarz (Queen Mary, UL)
Chair: Prof John Tosh (Roehampton)
Wednesday 12 October, 5.30 pm
Pollard Seminar Room (N301) Senate House

Within just weeks of its initiation by students at the University of Cape Town in March 2015, the Rhodes Must Fall campaign led to the removal of a statue of Cecil John Rhodes from the UCT campus and prompted widespread calls for the ‘decolonisation’ of third level education in South Africa. As the campaign gathered momentum it gave rise to a divisive public debate in Africa, Europe and elsewhere about the willingness of academic institutions to openly confront their imperial roots. The debate opened up a whole series of questions relating to the 21st century relationship with imperial conquest, expansion and exploitation in the 19th and 20th centuries. It also revealed some of the acute challenges historians face when attempting to inform public understandings of highly sensitive – and unpalatable – pasts. Please join us for a discussion of these issues led by Saul Dubow and Bill Schwarz of Queen Mary, University of London.


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