We’re very excited to announce our seminars for the 2018 Spring Term.

Be sure to make a note in your diaries and we look forward to seeing you at the Institute of Historical Research in Senate House.


28 February 2018
Making Histories in No Man’s Land: Reflections on the First World War commemorations of British and German descendants

Michael Roper (University of Essex), Rachel Duffett (University of Essex), David Savill (Age Exchange)

In early 2016, the Artistic Director of the reminiscence organisation Age Exchange, David Savill, collaborated with Rachel Duffett and Michael Roper, from the University of Essex, in hosting a five-day event in Bavaria which explored the family legacies of the First World War among British and German descendants. In this seminar, we talk about our experience of bringing together family stories from across the national boundaries of ‘no man’s land’, and reflect on our experience as practitioners working across the boundaries of heritage and history.


15 March 2018
Title TBC

Markus Prutsch (Senior Research at the European Parliament)

With response from Prof Dan Stone, Royal Holloway, University of London


21 March 2018
Multiple Exposures: a conversation about difficult subjects on display

Tania Woloshyn (Birmingham), Natasha McEnroe (Science Museum), and Philippa Smith (London Metropolitan Archives)

Join us for a public conversation about displaying ‘difficult subjects’ – with a focus on images of child patients – from different perspectives: the academic’s, the museum curator’s, and the archivist’s.


23 May 2018
Indigenous London: Native Travelers at the Heart of Empire
Coll Thrush (University of British Columbia)

Join us as we meet with historian, Coll Thrush, to discuss his new book, Indigenous London. Prof Thrush’s work offers an imaginative vision of the city’s past crafted from an almost entirely new perspective: that of Indigenous children, women, and men who travelled there, willingly or otherwise, from territories that became Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States, beginning in the sixteenth century.

Location & format TBC


Unless stated otherwise, our seminars start at 17:30 in the IHR John S Cohen Room, N203, Second Floor, IHR.


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