Seminar Convenors

Alix Green is a Lecturer in History at University of Essex. You can follow Alix on Twitter @alix_green.

Mark Donnelly is a Senior Lecturer and Teaching Fellow in History at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, London.

Anna Maerker is a Senior Lecturer in the History of Medicine at King’s College, London. You can follow Anna on Twitter @AnnaMaerker.

Edward Madigan is a Lecturer in Public History at Royal Holloway University, London. You can follow Edward on Twitter @MadiganEdward.

Kathleen McIlvenna is Lecturer in History at the University of Derby. You can follow Kathleen on Twitter @kathleenmcil.

Jessica Moody is Lecturer in Public History at the University of Bristol. You can follow Jessica on Twitter @jessicammoody.

Caroline Nielsen is a Lecturer in History and Heritage at Northampton University and was the EHS Tawney Fellow at the Institute of Historical Research, 2014-2015.

John Tosh is Professor of History at Roehampton University.